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Issue 4: What to expect from our website...

What to expect and how to find it on our website!

As a small injury clinic there are a few things that we want to get right from the get-go, the first being our website. We want to ensure that our customers are left satisfied because you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression!

We’ve listed the things you’ll find when browsing the Shield Sports Therapy website, so you have all the relevant information plus a bit more to spice things up.

To Note: # = Pending add-ons…

The bog-standard:

- Opening hours

- Our location (& local public transport links - #)

- Price list

- Services (& what’s included)

- How to book (& how to choose which service is right for you - #)

- Our team of specialists & their work

- Our insurers

- Reviews from our clients (& how to leave one)

- Links to social channels

The extras:

- New Updates (#)

- Blog Page

- Classes & how to book (#)

We hope this helps. Happy browsing!


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