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Issue 13: Unsure of what’s causing your pain? You’re not the only one.

So you’ve come into clinic with a problem but you have no clue how it’s come about. Do not threat. You’re not alone.

We must bear in mind that everybody has a different health history, so sometimes previous illnesses or conditions can cause and contribute to future issues.

As Sports Therapists, part of our job is to help you breakdown the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of various conditions and how they creep up but sometimes it can be tricky and frustrating.

In a sporting setting, if the injury hasn’t had an obvious mechanism, then it’s important to understand what changes might have occurred at the time.

For example:

In contact sports –

✦ External Factors – Temperature, the field surface, weather changes, footwear, taping techniques

✦ Technique changes, hydration levels, dietary changes, frequency or intensity in training, new exercises

In Racquet Sports – The same as above, more so differences in equipment.

✦ New racquet? Is it lighter or heavier? Are you holding it with a different grip?

✦ Were you wearing a different footwear? Practicing in a different environment?

Away from the sporting setting, looking into a few different occupations.

For example:

Desk Jobs –

✦ Location - Where do you sit in the office? Is your desk near a door? Do you stand much during your day? Have you recently changed location?

✦ Desk - How is your desk set up? Do you use a desktop or laptop? Do your screens move? How many of them do you have? Are you right or left hand dominant? Do you have a direct eyeline with the screen?

✦ Chair – Does it turn? Does it have arm supports? Does the height change?

Teachers –

✦ What years do you teach? Do you bend down a lot? Do you bend your knees or predominately from your back?

Working in Hospitality & Retail –

✦ In Food Settings – How busy was the kitchen at the time? Did your roles change? Were you doing something specific more frequently, like cleaning or frying? Were you carrying more plates than normal?

Retail –

✦ Is it a new role? How busy was the job? Did you trip or stumble over anything? Did you carry any heavy boxes from stock room?

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. If any of these apply to you then book yourself in and we’ll see how we can help you. Obviously the above is only an example, but we hope it helps you understand what we try and pick out!


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