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Hi, I'm Rosie!

"Most practitioners can pin point their career-defining moment to a life changing injury experience – that wasn’t the case for me!


"I realised through working with others how fascinated I was by the human body. Having the ability to improve lives felt incredibly rewarding. That's how I knew Sports Therapy was right for me. After completing my Masters whilst working for professional and amateur sports teams, I launched Shield.

"I look forward to seeing you soon!"

  • Rosie Knight LinkedIn
Ospreys Rugby 2021-2022 Season

Rosie completed an incredible placement with Ospreys Rugby in Swansea as part of her final year of her master's degree.

Throughout the season, she worked closely with the team, shadowing and planning the rehabilitation of some of the highest achieving Rugby players. She would regularly attend matches and work hands-on in the acute management of injuries during the team’s training sessions.

Bournemouth 7s Sports Festival

During the 2021 and 2022 festivals, Rosie worked as a Sports Therapist for PhysioFitness Clinic providing both immediate and acute care for the athletes competing.

The event saw hundreds of sportsmen over the space of two days. Rosie volunteered pitch-side for the Wild Dogs Rugby Club where she assessed, treated and rehabilitated athletes.

Grassroots Sport

Rosie has worked with a few clubs over the years!

  • University of Chichester Men’s Hockey Team

  • Havant RFC, including the Ealing Trailfinders

  • Stedham United Football Club

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